13 November 2007

NO Means NO Show

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Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend the “NO Means NO Show", presented by the Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) and Absolutely Women’s Health through the Royal Women’s Hospital.

NO MEANS NO is an interactive theatre program with a “whole of school” approach that aims to prevent sexual assault and create a school environment where young people will feel safe to disclose sexual assault and receive appropriate support, information and options”.

Hilariously funny at times, with the No Means No message remaining strong throughout, the realness of the show and the interaction of the school student audience with a panel of experts was at times both confronting and revealing, as to just how real sexual assault is in the lives of so many.

This show was amazing and should be a compulsory component of all secondary schools.

your body = your choice

Deb Baxter - Values Coordinator

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