06 March 2008

Mr.W Blows Our Mind

This week we sent GreenPower stickers to all our stores to put on our front windows. (Click on this one to read the smaller text). We're very proud to be in a minority of organisations in Australia that use GreenPower. We felt it important to go the whole hog and offset 100% of our black energy with green energy investments...

For those out there still not quite up-to-speed (don't worry it took me a while too) I recommend you read GreenPower's 'How it works'.
We calculated that our stores, offices and our warehouse use 4,300 MHz of that 'black' electricity every year. So to go totally 'green' we’re buying an additional 4,300 MHz (or 100%) of renewable energy, accredited by GreenPower every year.

Green cancels out your black.

We chose wind to be the type of renewable energy source but solar is just as good. Just make sure - whatever green energy supplier you choose (eg AGL, Origin Energy etc) that you're getting one with the GreenPower logo so you know it's accredited by the government and can be trusted (I trust Government slightly more than energy companies).

The problem is that renewable energy still only makes up 8% of the Australian energy grid. We need more businesses and households to demand GreenPower in order to push down Australia's carbon gas emissions.

Of course offsetting is just the start and we have a way to go in reducing the amount of energy we use. It's a long process but we think this is a solid first step.

We hope people and businesses see our sticker and feel encouraged to take up GreenPower energy too. I'll leave you with Mr.W who we're happy to employ to help power our stores.


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