04 February 2009

Greenpeace Design Awards & Japan Resumes Whaling

By Adam Valvasori - Values Manager

The Body Shop knows how important a cause-related poster can be at grabbing attention and effectively conveying a message. We've been campaigning publicly every year since 1986 . So we'd like to encourage any creative heads out there to get behind the 2009 Greenpeace Design Awards. Coincidently our very first campaign in Australia was with Greenpeace to raise awareness about whaling (see below).

The 2009 brief is to design a poster that delivers the message ‘Be a Part of the Action’ – this does not necessarily have to be expressed in words. The poster could bear witness to catastrophic environmental damage and in doing so, cause outrage. Alternatively the poster could actively encourage peaceful protest to expose an environmental problem.

Above all, the poster needs to raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire action.

For more information go to: www.greenpeacedesignawards.org.au

While we're talking about Whaling, you might not have noticed (with all the economic crisis coverage) Japanese whalers have resumed their whaling "research". The Age has quite a few relevant news articles.

Good luck and safe hunting from everyone at The Body Shop to the The Sea Shepherd crew on Operation Musashi who are trying to stop them. You can read the Steve Irwin crew members' blog entries here. You might also want to check out the Sea Shepherd's Youtube channel.


  1. Hello,

    Just a few comments about the Sea Shepherd that may be of interest. Not all charities do good work, even one that supposedly fights for a noble cause, like anti- whaling:
    A few of things to remember are:

    "Captain" Paul Watson is not a captain. He has awarded himself this title and is not officially recognised by any country (should give you an idea as to Mr PW's megalomaniacal tendencies).

    He is not a founding member of Greenpeace. He joined in the very early years, and was unanimously voted off (12 - 1) by the Greenpeace board because of his violent tendencies and creating friction within the organisation.

    He claims to ram ships. I am not against extreme action. But if you say you do something then do it. There have been only 2 recorded cases of the Sea Shepherd ramming ships in their 20 years or so of operation.

    "Lets get the Japs" is not a way to fight this problem. Yet this is the kind of racist crap that is constantly on SS literature. I do not support racism, whatever the purpose.

    If you want to save whales - support Greenpeace. Effective, professional, non-violent but extremely passionate.

  2. Thanks for the great comment Micah! Very interesting... It's definitely worth reading up on Watson: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Watson
    I had no idea.

    I agree that racism and violence in activism should not be tolerated. It's counter productive to use these tools to achieve enlightenment.



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