14 April 2009

Stickers (NZ) & Kiera Knightley (UK) vs Domestic Violence (Everywhere)

By Adam Valvasori - Values Manager

As many of you know our global campaign this year is switching to fighting against child sex trafficking. That doesn't mean we're forgetting about the previous five years of campaigning against domestic violence (DV) and abusive relationships.

Right now we're busy distributing thousands of The Body Shop's bath and shower products to DV Shelters around Australia in time to help pamper and hopefully in some small way activate the self esteem of survivors, for Mother's Day.

This blog will also continue to help 'break the silence on domestic violence'. Here are a couple of related initiatives you should check out.

Preventing Violence in the Home, a New Zealand charity, has developed a roll of stickers (pictured above) to help fight relationship abuse. How you ask? On first glance they just look like garden variety bar-codes. They are however, the charity's helpline in disguise! The idea is for the cheap and simple sticker to be stuck on to any domestic object and go completely unnoticed by controlling partners.

Hospitals, GPs, community organisations and government agencies are all starting to use the stickers as they're proving very popular with the victims of abuse. I love it when organisations dedicate smart design to solving social problems instead of just making more profit. This bar-code sticker is perfect - their agency should be showered with awards!


The second thing I'd like to share with you needs a little warning. It's disturbing and upsetting but very effective CSA video called 'Cut' and stars Kiera Knightley. It's part of a very successful viral campaign by Women's Aid UK.

It's very graphic and horrible but even more disturbing is the fact that someone you probably know and love (at least one in three Australian women) has suffered at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 15, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2006 Survey).

If you decide to click and watch Cut and it upsets you please channel that emotion into fighting the problem. Don't turn a blind eye anymore. Say Cut! Support the White Ribbon Foundation or visit our www.stopviolence.com.au website for tips on what to do to help your friends.

Why not buy a Marie Claire / White Ribbon Scarf to show your support? Order here or available soon at General Pants stores.

Image Credit: www.keirapictures.com

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