28 August 2009

Cadbury goes Fairtrade for Easter 2010

Adam Valvasori - Values Manager

Image via Cadbury.com

I was super happy to hear during the week, Cadbury has finally listened to consumer demand to make the cocoa free from child slavery and registered Fairtrade.

Congratulations to everyone who bought Fairtrade chocolate, raised it with their supermarket or to Cadbury themselves! You deserve to savor this sweet sweet victory!

Here's an exert from a news.com.au article which interviewed World Vision CEO Tim Costello:

From next year the nation's most popular chocolate bar, Cadbury Dairy Milk, will become Fairtrade certified. The move will quadruple the amount of cocoa bought from west Africa under sustainable farming schemes and help end child labour and trafficking.

About 40,000 Ghanaian cocoa farmers will benefit immediately, and hundreds of thousands more will also be better off as the plan rolls out.Cadbury, the leading chocolate manufacturer in Australia, expects to achieve the certification by next Easter.

Mr Costello said it was about time major chocolate companies went Fairtrade and called on Nestle and Lindt & Sprungli to follow Cadbury's suit. The excuse that there wasn't enough Fairtrade cocoa around was weak, he said.

"This is just the chicken and egg situation - if there is a demand for Fairtrade, there will be enough Fairtrade cocoa," Mr Costello told the National Press Club in Canberra.


About The Body Shop & Fairtrade:

  • The Body Shop pioneered its own approach to fair trade in the cosmetics industry. We call it Community Trade. Whereas the Fairtrade mark found its initial success in commodity foodstuffs. There are differences and similarities in approach – but we all have the same end in sight – that of Trade Justice.
  • The Body Shop is the UK's 3rd biggest buyer of Fairtrade Cocoa.
  • In Australia we have a policy of only buying Fairtrade chocolate, coffee, tea etc for our team rooms and events.
  • Over half of what you can buy at The Body Shop has at least one Community Trade ingredient. Check out our global Community Trade website to learn more.
  • All of our products have to pass stringent human rights tests in order to guarantee no child labour is used in anything we sell, wear or give away!
Take Action!
  • Congratulate Cadbury on going Fairtrade via Twitter or their website.
  • Encourage your fave chocolate supplier to follow Cadbury's lead!
  • Learn more from and join World Vision's Don't Trade Lives campaign

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