15 January 2010

Blast from the Past!

By Rachel Muraca

As hard as it is to believe, 2010 marks The Body Shop’s 34th year in business! What began as a little shop in West Sussex, England in 1976 has grown into a company that spans countries and continents. Not bad for what started with a dream and $6,000 for founder Anita Roddick! So, to celebrate the reemergence of our some of our old time favorites with our Originals line, we’re going to revisit some blasts from The Body Shop’s past.

First of all, look at this photo from 1976 of Anita Roddick standing in front of the first The Body Shop store in Brighton. Check out all of the baskets and bottles of product in the background! The story goes that she used to drizzle scent trails in order to entice people into the store. If you’ve ever walked by one of The Body Shop stores that is burning fragrance oil outside of the door, then you’ve noticed that we still adhere to Anita’s tradition!

Anita’s flagship store was located right next to a funeral home, which gave her lots of free press because of the dark humor of the coincidence. Anita handled it with her characteristic quirkiness and good nature, spinning it into a boost for The Body Shop’s PR.

A frugal conservationist, Anita saved money and avoided waste by having customers return their empty bottles to be refilled. The company was still using this practice when it made the jump across the pond to the United States. Most of the products were wrapped in hand-written labels, and they were offered in 5 sizes so that she could fill her shelves! You may recognize the bottle in the photo below if you’ve been a Body Shop fan for awhile.

What are your favorite memories of The Body Shop and our products? Leave your responses in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!


  1. I was a huge fan of the Calendula shampoo and conditioner available back in the late 80s / early 90's? It was great for my hair and scalp and it smelled gorgeous; subtle and not overpowering like many fragrances today. The shampoo worked well as a body wash and a clothes wash too - great for travelling light. I still live in hope that this range will once again be revived. PLEASE?!?

  2. I am gutted that the body shop has ceased selling the sheer sun gel which looked fabulous on black skin. In my opinion it was the only thing I could wear in their make up range that looked good on people of colour. We are already limited in our choices on the shelves of mass maketing. Bring it back please.


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