28 October 2010

Stop The Clock

By Rachel Muraca - Customer Service

The below text & images are taken from Stop The Clock.

Victoria is the only state in Australia that enforces a time limit on pounds and shelters looking to find new homes for dogs and cats. The following item in the Code results in the unnecessary killing of healthy adoptable cats and dogs for no reason other than to comply with the Code:

“The maximum time any animal selected for sale can be held at a shelter is four weeks. At the conclusion of this period, the animal must be euthanased or permanently removed from the facility, for example, by placement in a foster program.”

Code of Practice for the Management of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds 2.3.7

Some of us just take a bit longer to meet our match

Labour has suggested increasing the deadline by two weeks but every Victorian shelter wants it removed.

It’s not in anyone’s interest to continue forcing our shelters to destroy healthy adoptable pets. Shelters should be trusted to assess the needs of the individual dogs and cats they deem suitable for rehousing. Progressive shelters are using volunteers to provide exercise and enrichment for animals as well as using foster care in a home environment.

Some animals require treatment for illness, injury or behavioural problems. This is not always viable with Victoria's 28 day deadline for adoption.

Join in our calls to have this unfair deadline abolished.
Visit Stop The Clock.

26 October 2010

Meet Darija. The Body Shop Assistant Manager and Refugee

By Adam Valvasori - Values Manager

I had the privilege of interviewing Darija Bjelanovic recently. She's our lovely Assistant Manager from the Collins Street store in Melbourne CBD. If you are interested in the Asylum Seeker & Refugee issue in Australia, watch the interview and hear her describe what it was like to flee her home when she was just a teenager and her family's resettling challenges. Luckily for them, the Australian Government was largely supportive about taking refugees from the Yugoslav War. Darija hopes they can be just as compassionate for all asylum seekers and refugees fleeing war, religious persecution or violence.

You can help by buying a pack of 10 Amnesty International Christmas Cards from The Body Shop. All proceeds go to their good work around the world defending human rights.

22 October 2010

The Body Shop Supports Amnesty International's Asylum Seeker Campaign

By Adam Valvasori - Values Manager

Here are some happy snaps I took at our Melbourne City Stores (Bourke St, Collins St and Melb Central - in that order).

The Body Shop girls are showing off this year's brand-spanking-new Amnesty International Christmas cards and Poster campaign which will be run from now until Christmas.

They usually sell like hot-cakes so make sure you get in quick (or buy them online here)! As with all our charity / fundraising products we guarantee 100% of the proceeds go to Amnesty International to support their amazing work around the world Defending Human Rights.

This year our posters are creating awareness and educating customers, encouraging everyone to THINK AGAIN ABOUT ASYLUM SEEKERS... The posters feature some poignant facts about Asylum Seekers coming to Australia.
  1. Seeking asylum is legal
  2. Everyone has the right to seek asylum
  3. Nearly all asylum seekers arriving by boat are genuine refugees
  4. Asylum seekers arriving by boat make up less than 2% of Australia's migrants

And here are the smashing Christmas Card designs for 2010.

Everyone who buys a pack from The Body Shop (still only $12.95) get's a limited edition, Amnesty International, "Seeking asylum is legal" Badge! (while stocks last).

19 October 2010

The Body Shop 2009/10 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

By Adam Valvasori - Values Manager
Green Team Member, Deb Vukic presents her team's findings to the rest of the business.

The Body Shop Australia's total Scope 1 & 2 C02-e emissions for FY 2009/10 was 3,225 tonnes or 3.2 kilo tonnes.

This covers our Retail, Online and At Home Party Plan channels in our Australian* offices, stores and warehouse. The graph below shows where our emissions come from.

Our total emissions puts us well under the Federal Government's mandatory reporting threshold of 87.5 kilo tonnes (see below diagram of Government Thresholds)

Despite being under the legal reporting requirement, The Body Shop is committed to our core value to PROTECT OUR PLANET so we have decided to pursue strong voluntary actions to reduce our carbon footprint.

We want to be carbon leaders, even if Australia as a nation, is still dragging it's feet in this regard.

We are committing to being a carbon accountable business.
We aren't perfect (and have never claimed to be) but everyday we continue to learn and take steps towards improving our environmental bottom line. Our carbon reduction journey couldn't have begun without various fantastic external partners like Green Steps, GreenPower, Grow Me The Money, Climate Friendly and Net Balance. With their help we feel we have adopted some practical, best practice carbon management principles into our business.

A highlight over the past 12 months has been the re-birth of a The Body Shop's Green Team. Through a structured Grow Me The Money program, representatives from each department of our Head Office have measured, investigated, researched, brainstormed and developed recommendations for the business to improve it's sustainability. Along the way we picked up an Award for our Action Plan. We eventually divided into three different groups and focuses:
  1. Less Energy (Lighting)
  2. Less Travel & Transport
  3. Less Paper Wastage

1. Less Energy (Lighting)

As you can see from the graph above, electricity is responsible for the largest amount of The Body Shop's CO2 emissions and we believe the main culprit is inefficient lighting.

Unfortunately, the problem doesn't stop with our stores - in FY 2007/08 our head office used more energy than all of our Victorian stores combined!

So reducing electricity usage is clearly our biggest carbon problem but also our biggest opportunity. We are genuinely excited about the challenge in front of us to reduce.

Another problem we discovered along the way is that we currently don't recycle any of our lighting - this is a major concern as spent lighting products are the largest source of mercury contamination in municipal landfills. Did you know Australia dumps more than 2000 kg of waste Mercury annually and it's estimated to increase. Government, if you're reading this, we desperately need legislation here as only 1% of fluros are recycled responsibly!

Approved Green Team Recommendations for Action!
  • Review and overhaul lighting procurement & maintenance procedures for stores and offices.
  • Recycle all fluorescent lights used by The Body Shop Australia to avoid Mercury going to landfill.
  • Replace metal halide lights in Warehouse with low emission fluorescent globes.
  • Phase out all incandescent and energy inefficient lighting at Head Office
  • Trial "the mock shop" and upcoming new store fit-outs with new generation fluorescent or LED Lighting .

2. Less Travel & Transport

Transport and Air Travel are the second largest contributors to The Body Shop’s CO2 emissions. We're particularly keen to work out ways to reduce the number of flights and our Green Team have come up with the following ideas

Approved Green Team Recommendations for Action!

  • Fuel Efficient Car Purchase and Hire policy. (Already purchased 3 Toyota Priuses)
  • Design & implement a car pooling program at Head Office
  • Review and update Travel Request form to include “Reasons for Travel”
  • Carbon emissions included in quarterly air travel report (department based)
  • Roll into the “Computers in Store” Feasibility Project Feb 2011 – proposal to trial video conferencing to possibly reduce number of flights needed.
  • Continue to work with freight & postage suppliers to better understand our carbon footprint in relation to product transport.
  • Work out a sustainable percentage of C02 emissions from flights we can afford to offset annually.

3. Less Paper Wastage

Sadly, our Head Office uses a lot of paper.

This is due to:
  • paper intensive business practices,
  • stores not having computers (making most comms paper based) and
  • paper towels in our bathrooms!
Not sure how this compares with other businesses out there, but we used approx 110 trees worth of paper on FY2009/10.

The advent of new generation hand dryers is an exciting discovery and like most environmental improvements they have good economic advantages as well. We calculated that installing brand new hand dryers, costs the equivalent to a year's supply of paper towels... not to mention we'll be saving 2.25 C02-e tonnes a year.

It's funny how once you start digging you find out easy-to-fix problems which can reduce your scope 3 (supplier's) C02 emissions, through wiser business purchasing choices. For example we discovered our current model of paper towel comes from Canadian forests and are pulped in China!

Approved Green Team Recommendations for Action!

  • Replace / install new generation hand dryers and remove paper towels from all bathrooms.
  • Switch to a model of Caprice paper towel for the kitchenette, training etc to one grown & pulped in Australia for a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Appoint Green Team member as our first official Chief Office Paper Cutter – she will conduct workshops and empower teams to create their own paper reduction plans in the coming months. Rewards for team who reduce their paper usage the most.
  • “Computers in Store” Feasibility Project group commences Feb 2011.


Since 2007 we've been offsetting our electricity with 100% GreenPower accredited renewable wind energy projects. In 2010 we will be extending our offsets to cover our Scope 1 and 2 C02-e emissions and switch to using 100% Gold Standard renewable energy offsets - which are considered world's best standard. Stay tuned for more on that!

So the great news is that for FY2009/10 we are/ were what they consider to be "carbon neutral". However we know the job is never done and we want future Green Teams to continue to identify ways of avoiding and reducing all of The Body Shop Australia's C02 emissions including those in Scope 3.

* The Body Shop Australia's carbon accounting begins when The Body Shop International products arrive in Australia by ship or air. We believe the sourcing the ingredients, manufacture of products, packaging and transportation to Australia are covered by The Body Shop International.

04 October 2010

Live Export Forum in Fremantle - You're Invited

You're invited to attend a Live Export Forum organised by the City of Fremantle.

At the event you'll hear from a panel of speakers discussing the progress being made to end live export, why they're personally against the trade, and the effects it has on animal welfare, our overall economy, employment and Australia's reputation.

You'll also have the opportunity to participate in a unique public action to help end the trade!

Where: Fremantle Town Hall, 8 William Street, Fremantle
When: Tuesday 12th October 2010, 6pm, for a 6.30pm start
RSVP: Email: humanechain@wspa.org.au by 11th October and let us know if you and any of your friends would like to attend.

Panel speakers will include:

• Brad Pettitt, Mayor of Fremantle
• The Hon. Melissa Parke, Federal Labor MP for Fremantle
• Representatives from the meat processing industry and meatworkers union
• The Hon. Lynn MacLaren, Greens MLC
• Jessica Borg, Campaign Manager, WSPA
• Jodie Jankevics, Campaign Manager, Stop Live Exports

We hope to see you there! If you are unable to attend please check the Humane Chain blog for event updates, or follow our tweets from the forum. Please help us promote the event by re-posting this story on Facebook.

01 October 2010

Slacktivist Video Friday

Hey, sorry for the long silence - we've been busy and quickly posting most stuff directly on our TBS Activist Facebook Page... Here are some great activist videos I'd like to share with you this fine Spring Friday:

Ellen Page on a Global Day of Action for Climate Change on 10/10/10

Join the movement in Australia at http://world.350.org/australia/


Hungry Beast interviews 3 different generations of refugees.

Take action by visiting Amnesty International's Refugee Campaign page: www.amnesty.org.au/refugees


A new Community Service Announcement about Domestic Violence from the US. Warning: it's pretty "full on!"

Support the White Ribbon Foundation in Australia to stop violence against women: www.whiteribbonday.org.au
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