16 September 2011

Join our new initiative and show the Labor party a clear way forward for live exports

Below text, images and video courtesy of WSPA

We have a huge opportunity for supporters to get even more involved in our Humane Chain campaign aimed at ending live animal exports.

On December 3rd and 4th the Labor party will hold their National Conference. This usually takes place only once every three years, and during it they’ll consider amendments to the Party platform and a number of resolutions.

This is a critical window of opportunity!

So on September 1st a group of WSPA supporters, volunteers and staff got together to put together a plan to ‘move forward’.

Together we decided that from now until December, we’ll be asking our supporters to encourage the Labor Party to adopt a policy at their upcoming conference which aims to phase out live exports. In addition we’ll be asking them to instead support the alternative; the alternative being a more humane and economically viable chilled meat trade, which would keep our animals and our jobs here in Australia.

There are already a number of Labor representatives onside with this argument. MP Kelvin Thomson was recently quoted saying “I personally think the live export trade should come to an end, and I believe both animal welfare interests and our economic interests would be better served by our processing all meat domestically in Australia, as New Zealand does.”

However at the moment, it seems MPs like Kelvin Thomson are forced to vote with their party, highlighting the need to change Labor’s stance to allow change to happen!

Here’s where we need your help.

We’re looking for 100 Captains around Australia to lead their electorate in lobbying and public engagement activities.

If you decide to take on this challenge, and help millions of animals, we’ll supply you with a free Captain action pack, full of the tools, props and information you’ll need to be a campaigner for animals. We’ll also discuss our plan with you in further detail and we’ll assign a WSPA Buddy to you, to support you the whole way through! All you need is the will and a couple of hours spare each week leading up till the Labor Conference.

We invite you to join us on this exciting initiative by applying to be a Captain using this quick, easy form no later than 16 September.

As a Captain you’ll lead your team throughout October and November to:

1. Inspire at least 100 people to join the Humane Chain in your electorate
2. Obtain media coverage of your campaign activities
3. Deliver the message to your Labor representative that ending live export is the clear way forward for Australia

We hope our video will inspire you to come on board as we move forward together to end the cruel live animal export trade!

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