04 November 2011

Live Animal Export Condemned in National Opinion Poll

Below text and images courtesy of WSPA

A new national survey commissioned by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has revealed 77% of Australians still think the live export industry is cruel, despite Governments recent claims that new reform will reduce the abuse of exported Australian animals.

The poll conducted by Lonergan Research, also found that 80% of Australians believe Labor should support a phase out of live export, in favour of a local chilled meat export industry.

WSPA campaign manager Jessica Borg, said “No amount of spin can disguise the fact that live export is still an industry where sheep and cattle can be slaughtered inhumanely, while fully conscious.”

“Due to live export, tens of thousands of animals will still die horrific deaths from stress, starvation and disease on lengthy and overcrowded sea voyages."

"The poll results show Labor should not underestimate the continuing depth of public concern over this issue.

“In addition, more than 100,000 Australians have joined humanechain.org, WSPA’s online petition calling for an end to the live export trade and continue to do so.

“The local chilled meat export industry is a more humane and profitable alternative to live export and clearly has overwhelming support from the Australian community, as an alternative that also creates more rural jobs.

“The upcoming National Labor conference is a golden opportunity for the party to reconsider their stance, paving the way for a well-managed, practical transition away from the inherently risky live export trade,” she concluded.

Paul Crane, Export and Meat Manager at V&V Walsh’s said, “Labor are planning to pour over $10 million of public money into the live export industry, to help its overseas operations reach a lower standard than we already have in Australia.”

“With government and industry support given to the Australian chilled meat industry instead, we could grow the infrastructure needed to expand a more sustainable and profitable alternative to live export, which also brings bigger benefits to the rural economy and employment."

For more information, please visit: http://www.moveforward.org.au/

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