A Guide To: Make-Up Brushes

Has the choice of Make-Up Brushes got you confused? If so, read our Guide To Make-Up Brushes to learn more!

Just like an artist must choose his or her paintbrush with great care and consideration, the same rule applies for you and your own personal make-up arsenal. The humble make-up brush may be one of the most essential tools in your beauty kit, but it’s also overlooked by women who often choose the first product they see at their local pharmacy or cosmetics store, unaware of the different types of brushes available and the unique applications of each. With your face being your most prominent asset and make-up a form of art that can transform your entire look, not to mention your overall mood, we’ve put together some handy tips from our beauty experts at The Body Shop to help you choose the right make-up brush for any occasion. Keep reading for more information on the 5 types you’ll likely meet at your local make-up counter.


Made from fine natural fibres and featuring a large, rounded head, makeup blush brushes are an ideal shape for gently picking up the pigments of blush and spreading it evenly on the apples of your cheeks. For an easy rosy glow, hold the blush brush and gently sweep along your cheekbones, drawing up towards your hairline. Can also be used effectively with makeup powder and bronzers.


As the name suggests, eyeshadow brushes are generally small, featuring a tapered head for the precise, even application of eyeshadow powders and eye cream colour product. For a natural look, simply smooth your favourite eyeshadow across your eyelids in a windshield-wiper motion for a touch of vibrant colour.


Featuring tightly packed bristles with a tapered tip, foundation brushes are designed to achieve a smooth, natural finish when applying foundation powder or cream to your face. For a flawless base for your latest look, apply your favoured foundation product to the centre of your face, before gently sweeping outwards towards your hairline.


With their distinctive wide rounded bristles and super soft texture, kabuki brushes are ideal for applying a range of makeup products to the skin, from loose face powders to bronzers and highlighters. To give your cheeks a healthy touch of glow, sweep bronzer along your temple and hairline, cheekbone and jawline in a “3” shape, before gently blending into your skin.


Designed with firm rounded edges for reaching small nooks around the eyes and nose, these kinds of makeup brushes are ideal for applying concealer with precision on specific spots on the face such as discoloration and broken capillaries or under the eyes. They’re also perfect for applying lipstick with a deft touch for crisp, defined lines of colour. For natural coverage, simply pat a little concealer on blemishes and under eye circles.


Designed to master the hottest make-up trends and complement our coveted range of essentials, our expert charcoal-coated make-up brushes take your look to the next level. While they might feel softer than a squirrel’s tail, fear not. As you’d expect from The Body Shop they’re 100% cruelty-free and of course vegan. Shop Now