Almond Milk & Honey for Sensitive Skin

Learn how to nourish your face & body whilst soothing sensitive skin with the powerful duo of almond milk & honey.

Sensitive skin is a common problem affecting countless Australian men and women, which usually presents itself in the form of dryness, itchiness and general inflammation causing discomfort and even embarrassment. Typical causes of sensitive skin range from common household chemicals, to skincare products with harsh ingredients or inherited allergies that compromise the immune system of sufferers, leading their skin to react to the smallest stimuli in their immediate environment. Thankfully, sufferers can rejoice in the knowledge that skincare products have grown much ‘smarter’ over the years, with modern creams and lotions containing organic ingredients less likely to cause trouble! In particular, almond milk & honey is a powerful duo for soothing sensitive skin whilst helping you to achieve a healthy, natural glow. Keep reading for more info on how this powerful combination can help you make peace with your sensitive skin.

BENEFIT #1 – Almond Milk & Honey is Calming

Honey is well known for its health-promoting antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. For these reasons applying honey as a skincare treatment will allow it to soothe inflamed, irritated skin. When combined with Almond Milk, another soothing agent, these benefits are enhanced – leaving you with reduced skin irritation, a more even complexion (or at least a less red one) and hopefully a much better mood to face the day ahead! Try our Almond Milk & Honey Calming & Caring Bath Milk.

BENEFIT #2 – Almond Milk & Honey is Cleansing

Honey in particular is an effective ingredient for removing makeup and gently unclogging pores via an exfoliation process, which is a key step for healthier skin that can breathe easily at night and repair itself for the busy day ahead it is sure to face. Taken together with Almond Milk, which contains fatty acids that control the secretion of oils from our sebaceous glands, Almond Milk & Honey Skincare products can also prevent acne and blackhead breakouts. Try our Almond Milk & Honey Gently Exfoliating Cream Scrub or Soothing & Caring Cleansing Bar.

BENEFIT #3 – Almond Milk & Honey is Nourishing

Not only can this powerful skincare duo calm inflamed, irritated skin and help it breathe much easier, it also has another welcomed side effect on our largest organ. With over 50% of our recommended daily intake of Vitamin E, Almond Milk can help to prevent sun damage whilst boosting your natural glow in the process! It also provides intense moisturising for up to 48 hours, through ingredients like Riboflavin which helps the skin use oxygen more efficiently, whilst Niacin traps the moisture in skin cells to keep it hydrated! Try our Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Restoring Body Lotion or Calming & Protecting Hand Cream.

BENEFIT #4 – Almond Milk & Honey is Anti-ageing

Taken together, the regular application of almond milk & honey skincare products leads to an overall anti-ageing effect, thanks to the calming, cleansing and hydration of the skin. As we all know, following sensible sun care measures to avoid sunburn and applying moisturiser daily to our face is key to preventing wrinkles, pigmentation and other unsightly conditions. The best thing about Almond Milk & Honey is how they combine all these important benefits into simple, user friendly skincare products!

BENEFIT #5 – Almond Milk & Honey Smells Terrific!

Last but not least, almond milk & honey skincare products smell terrific! Thanks to their hypoallergenic fragrance, not only can you enjoy the relaxing, soothing scents of creamy almond milk and sweet honey, but you’ll also be able to do just that without suffering any irritation whatsoever. What’s not to like about that?