Polished Man | How To Groom Like A Pro

Get our low down on how to be a polished man. From skincare advice to selecting the right scent, we've got you covered.

Nothing speaks of polished grooming more than the subtle scent of a crisp fragrance. Nowadays with many men investing just as much time (and money) in their personal appearance as women, the stakes have been raised and the expectation in many circles is the guys will put their best face forward, especially in professional situations. This is where the power of mens aftershave, also known as eau de toilette enters the grooming discussion – with different scents able to perfectly match any mood or occasion and stimulate your senses. Keep in mind, aftershave and eau de toilette usually come in two forms – a liquid form or “splashes” that usually contain cleansing toners or astringents and soothing balms that provide greater relief from irritation and more hydration. Continue reading for these simple tips on how to select the right scent...


The first step to choosing the right mens aftershave or eau de toilette is to know your own skin type. This is crucial to avoiding unnecessary irritation and blemishes, especially those that can occur immediately following shaving – a process that strips the skin of its natural layer of protective oils.

  • Normal Skin – For normal skin that appears evenly-textured, smooth and healthy; any mild mens aftershave in liquid or balm form should be fine.
  • Dry Skin – For dry skin that appears dull or cracked, prone to lines and peeling, a moisturising aftershave balm that gently hydrates your skin is your best bet.
  • Oily Skin – For skin that appears shiny and feels moist to the touch, a mens aftershave in liquid form with in-built toner should help control oil production and improve your visage!
  • Combination Skin – For skin that is oily on say the forehead, nose and chin (also known as the “T-Zone”) but dry elsewhere, using a mild mens aftershave should help delicately balance these competing skincare needs.
  • Sensitive Skin – For skin that stings, itches and is prone to blemishes, your safest bet is to use mens aftershave or aftershave balm designed specifically for sensitive skin. Those containing aloe vera or shea butter are particularly effective in soothing irritation.


The next step to finding your perfect aftershave or eau de toilette is to understand how different scents are grouped into broad ‘families’, with each scent family lending itself to a particular mood or state in mind. Armed with this rather interesting knowledge, you can then match particular scents with your own personality, particular moods or occasions and the time of year:

  • Aromatic (Fresh & Fun) (Year-round) – Aromatic scents could also be described as “herbal” and typically have a fresh, spicy quality that is ideal for casual social occasions such as dinner at home with friends or a night at your favourite local.
  • Citrus (Fresh & Fun) (Spring, Summer) – Citrus scents, like the fruits they’re named after are full of vibrancy and colour, making them ideal for casual social occasions and weekends, such as a road trip down the coast.
  • Floral (Feminine, Romantic) (Spring & Summer) – Floral scents are the largest in the fragrance family and add a romantic, feminine mood to an occasion – women usually wear them to dates or dinner with friends. Guys don’t typically wear floral scents but rules can be broken!
  • Leather (Power & Dominance) (Year-round) – Leather scents are distinctly masculine and give off a sense of power and dominance, making them a good fit for high-powered business meetings and other more formal occasions.
  • Oriental (Warm & Sensual) – Oriental scents are typically warm and sensual, making them well suited to more casual social occasions, including dates and dinner parties.
  • Woody (Earthy & Natural) (Autumn & Winter) – Woody scents are another more masculine fragrance family and typically lend themselves to a more earthy, grounded mood – making them ideal for outdoor adventures, such as holidays, outdoor dining or even after work drinks with colleagues!


The third and final step to finding your perfect scent is to incorporate aftershave or eau de toilette into your regular skincare routine. This means keeping your skin in good condition as a matter of duty, through the daily use of a good quality face wash or face scrub and moisturiser suitable for your skin type and any specific concerns. This should help reduce any irritation and blemishes which can be exacerbated by the process of shaving and applying aftershave directly to the face.

  • Wash your face at least once daily with a good quality face wash or face scrub
  • Follow up with any other skincare products designed to target specific concerns and a good quality moisturiser
  • Shave if you wish, rinsing off any remaining shaving cream once you’re done
  • Gently apply aftershave or eau de toilette to your face, by patting in around neck and other pulse points like your wrists