We've raised 5,273,954 Lessons!

The Body Shop teamed up with War Child, the global charity for children affected by war, to grant children the wish of education.

This past season, The Body Shop teamed up with War Child, the global charity for children affected by war, to grant children the wish of education.

We'd like to thank you, because for every specially selected gift you bought, The Body Shop funded a class for a child in partnership with War Child. As a result, globally, we have been able to fund more than 5,273,954 lessons in war-torn areas.

Locally we smashed our goal of reaching 500,000 lessons, with a total of 598,050 lessons. A truly tremendous result!

Rob Williams, the CEO at War Child UK says:

"In areas of conflict, getting a child back into school keeps them safe. Building their confidence, knowledge and skills opens the doors of opportunity. That's why we teamed up with The Body Shop this Christmas. Buy a gift, help a child. It's so simple, but so brilliant."

War Child protects and supports children affected by war. Their work focuses on helping children gain an education. Getting a child back into school keeps them safe, helps them develop, and integrate with others, whilst building their confidence, knowledge and skills to gain employment. Ultimately opening the doors to a brighter future.

Education saves lives. Buying a gift at The Body Shop over Christmas means you have enabled a child in a country affected by war to attend a school lesson.

Could you imagine not having a place to call home?

Meet Mapatano, Age 16, Democratic Repulic of Congo

'We had to leave our village because of the continuous fighting,' remembers Mapatano. Together with his parents, two brothers, and a sister, Mapatano fled his village into Walungu territory to escape the fighting.

'We spent a long time in the forest before arriving here,' he recalls. 'When we arrived here, we thought we had escaped the fighting, but a few months after we arrived the fighting came here as well, and destroyed everything we had to live on.

Someone to help you start over and build on your dreams

Yet despite the difficult circumstances, Mapatano and his brother (the other two siblings are too young to start school), are working to continue their education. 'I didn't know that I would be able to continue my education. But War Child came and helped me, even though they don't know me,' he says. 'I'm now in Level III (of the ALP) and I think I will get my primary school certificate. My brothers says he wants to be a head teacher, I would like to be a doctor.'

A ballet dancer, astronaut or cowboy, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Meet Delaram, Age 7, Afghanistan

Before she went to school, Delaram had wanted to be 'a wife' when she grew up. In this part of western Afghanistan, early (and arranged) marriages are common.

Fleeing the violence in their region, Delaram's family had to start a new life from scratch in the temporary mud settlement where they now live. Here War Child helped to establish a basic school.

The moment you realise you can be who you want to be

After eight months of literacy and numeracy training Delaram wants to be a teacher. She doesn't want to get married until she's at least 20, and wants to have a job of her own.

Education itself is a battleground in Afhanistan and change won't happen overnight. But projects like this are a vital lifeline for children like Delaram, and they can create a ripple effect across communities like hers. She will hopefully grow up to inspire more girls - and ultimately her own children.

You can still help!

Visit the War Child website to find out more!


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