Act Positive

If someone recently did you a good turn, take a moment to thank them, send a postcard of positivity today!

Brought to you by Think Positive!

Our Think Positive campaign in January helped us to start 2013 on the right foot and encouraged Australians to celebrate the positives rather than dwell on the negatives. This is something we feel passionate about so we have been working on an exciting second phase to Think Positive...

How it Works

During September, we encourage the community to not just Think Positive, but to Act Positive by 'paying it forward' and spreading positivity to create a ripple effect throughout our community.

Act Now

When you visit one of our stores, you will be provided with a postcard on which you can write a message of thanks and post it to someone in your life who is wonderful. Post boxes will be provided in-store.

You can also go online www.thinkpositive.org.au and do the same via email.



Act Positive


In-store and online www.thinkpositive.org.au


2nd September until the 22nd September


To spread positivity!


Sending a postcard to tell someone in your life they are wonderful!