For greater protection of the Kimberley region in Western Australia.

The Body Shop recently met with the Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to hand over 30,000 letters from our customers, urging the Government for greater protection of the Kimberley region in Western Australia. An area with unique natural and rich cultural value. The meeting with the Minister was the culmination of a month long campaign in-stores with the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF). 

And thanks to the unprecedented customer response to this campaign, we've received great news…

Woodside Petroleum announced that it was shelving plans for massive industrialisation of James Price Point in the Kimberley, finding that the $40 billion plans for a liquefied natural gas hub would be uneconomical.

As you may know, the Kimberley is under pressure from the natural resource and development sectors to mine for uranium, iron ore, coal, bauxite and gas. ACF has been opposed to the location of the Browse Basin gas hub at James Price Point because of its significant threat to the natural and cultural values of the region.

The Body Shop & ACF's I LOVE KIMBERLEY campaign played a critical role in helping protect the Kimberley from this major industrialisation. The support for ACP's work to achieve National Heritage listing for the Kimberley enabled them to reach significant numbers of people across the country. As a result, it captured the hearts and minds of ordinary Australians who, whether or not they had travelled to the Kimberley, wanted it protected. Although not all areas of environmental significance were included under the National Heritage listing, the region's extensive dinosaur trackways were protected, and this has likely been a contributing factor to the Joint Partners deciding not to progress with the onshore development.

This is a win for the pristine Kimberley coast; the heritage-listed dinosaur track ways, migratory humpback whales, endangered bilbies and the monsoonal vine thickets. It is also a win for the cultural heritage of the Kimberley, and we are keen to see governments turning their attention to supporting indigenous jobs through land management and economic activities that don't threaten the long term protection of the unique Kimberley environment.

Thank you for your support and participation in such an important campaign to protect this spectacular region of Australia.



The Body Shop, Australian Conservation Foundation and the Federal Environment Minister


Australian Parliament House, Canberra


10 May 2012


Protect The Planet


A meeting to hand over our customers' letters urging the Environment Minister to protect the Kimberley region in WA from mining.