Stand up for Animals

We team up with WSPA to call on the government to move towards the alternatives to live animal export.

Defending the animal welfare has always been a core principle at The Body Shop, for staff and customers alike.

Our latest campaign sees us partnering with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) to ‘Stand Up for Animals’.

The Story so Far

In 2010 we partnered with WSPA to create our first ‘Humane Chain’. More than 60,000 people signed up and symbolically linked to show their solidarity with animals.

Though some progress has been made, live exports are still cruel as animals are subjected to long boat journeys and most will be slaughtered whilst fully conscious.

Independent research (commissioned by WSPA) also shows that almost 70% of Australians believe the export of live animals should be ended.

So, until 19 August, we’re creating another Humane Chain – this time bigger, brighter and bolder.

Our Stance

Together we can give these animals a voice and let the government know that as long as live animal exports continue, we will continue to demonstrate our widespread opposition to this inherently cruel practice and fight for the alternatives.

There will also be a focus on alternatives to the trade such as exporting chilled and frozen product, which would ensure that animals are processed humanely in Australia and spared long and cruel journeys. It’s a win-win solution – we just need to push for it!

World Record

The Body Shop’s partnership with WSPA was launched in Sydney on 24 July, with an early morning gathering of hundreds of people in Martin’s Place, Sydney.

Their mission was to set a new world record for the number of people standing up simultaneously with their arms linked (literally and inspirationally standing up for animals!) Will you?

How you can help?

Just head along to one of over 90 The Body Shop stores, between now and August 19 and directly take action by signing your name on a little orange person who will represent you, in a chain of orange people standing up for animals.

Your little orange person will head on a journey from The Body Shop to your local federal MP to illustrate Australia's widespread opposition to the trade. 

You will be joining us as we seek alternatives to live animal exports that support our farmers and our economy, and ultimately protect the welfare of animals.

Every single person who gets involves in Stand Up for Animals can make a difference, so please encourage everyone you know to head along to their nearest Body Shop and get involved.




The Body Shop & WSPA


Australia Wide


30 July - 19 August, 2012


Millions of Australian animals are shipped live overseas annually. During the journey animals can suffer heat stress, disease, cramped conditions and appalling handling and slaughter techniques, which can lead to a slow and terrifying death. You can help us tell the government we want them to move towards the alternatives.