Stop Sex Trafficking

Protect children from sex trafficking.

20 countries commit to protect children from sex trafficking. 7, 044, 278 voices created the BIGGEST campaign ever, for The Body Shop. In September 2009, The Body Shop started a journey together with ECPAT International and local NGO partners around the world, to campaign to Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People.

From every corner of The Body Shop around the world we engaged with our customers, friends and family. We raised awareness and funds, secured petition signatures and we marched! The Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People campaign was created to mobilise our customers and inspire those with decision making power to take action. The response was incredibly and we collected 7,044,278 petition signatures making this the biggest campaign in our history, the history of several countries and the European Union.

On 29 September 2011, we presented over 7 million campaign petitions to the United Nations Human Rights Council making it one of the largest petitions in the history of the United Nations. Each signature represented a voice calling on governments to build awareness and understanding on the issue of trafficking, as well as to take steps to provide comprehensive protection and specialised services for child and youth survivors of trafficking.

Our petitions have already influenced governments in 20 countries to commit to long-term legislative change that will help protect children and young people for many years to come.

The Body Shop is incredibly proud of our historic, ground breaking, award winning campaign and all that has been achieved – Your Signature Really Can Make a Difference!

The Body Shop and ECPAT International will continue to work together and urge governments who have received the campaign petitions to take action and do everything in their power to take action in order protect children and young people from sex trafficking.

For more information on the sex trafficking of children and young people visit ECPAT International