The Body Shop Jumbos Launch

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Q&A with The Body Shop Marketing Team

Why did you take this cheeky approach to marketing a product?

We saw this campaign as the perfect opportunity to celebrate our history of daring and irreverent campaigns and of not taking ourselves too seriously. The inspiration for this creative was actually taken from a very suggestive advertisement that The Body Shop ran back in the late 90s, which promoted Watermelon Self Tan. You may remember a bronzed Adonis, sporting a bottle of the Watermelon Self Tan down his very tight fitting swimmers, with the tag line “Fake It”. It caused quite a stir at the time, with Australians printing it on t-shirts and it even making the front page of USA Today. Our creative for this campaign is a very obvious nod to that and we hope that it will make people smile, laugh or do a double take.

Can you explain the campaign?

We like the idea of putting a bit of a quirky spin on some of our best selling and most loved products and celebrating, in a very tongue in cheek way, their hero status. The concept behind this campaign is a cheeky play on words that plays on the product’s size, best-selling status and value for money. It’s also a bit of a fun and irreverent take on the use of sexuality in traditional advertising.

What are the expected results and reactions from this?

We couldn’t be more excited to raise some eyebrows and “wake up” passers-by with this cheeky message that really reinforces the phenomenal value price point of these larger sizes. We also hope that it will encourage intrigued people to come into store to experience some of our great new products whilst rediscovering some classics, or at the very least, make them smile with a re-energised perspective of The Body Shop.

Can you tell us about the new products and why you decided to release them?

Did you know that around the world we sell one tub of Body Butter every 2 seconds! Last year, The Body Shop celebrated its 30th Birthday in Australia and as such, these new products are a limited edition celebration of some of our best-selling and iconic bath and body products. Available in jumbo size pumps and tubs, this limited edition range represents amazing value for money that really gives customers ‘more bang for their buck’.

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Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne


5th March, 2013


Celebrate the launch of our NEW Limited Edition Jumbo Collection


Jumbo sized Shower Gels and Body Butters