Think Positive

At The Body Shop, we’re starting 2013 as we mean to go on – by thinking positive!

Think positive

Our first campaign of the year targets the increasing pessimism and negativity creeping into Australian life (as recounted in numerous recent reports and studies).

Think Positive is all about getting perspective and recognising that our glass is definitely half full. Sure, everyone has bad days, but we passionately believe that with a positive mindset we can achieve much more personally, in the community, and in the country as a whole.

Thinking positive is the first step to achieving great things. Anita Roddick didn’t look around her homemade store in Brighton in 1976, thinking ‘well, this isn’t going to work’. Negativity inhibits and restricts; it takes positivity to reach our potential.

get involved

Engaging in this campaign couldn’t be easier. You don’t have to buy, sign or say anything – just think, act and be positive! We just want to put a little spring in your step and encourage you to infect others with a zest for life. 

From 26 December to 20 January, there will be fun and inspirational activities in all of our stores; we’ll be gifting product to the most positive customers; you’ll only hear positive music selected by our staff; and there are Think Positive booklets and bumper stickers to take home and enjoy.

Our stores will be enacting positivity in unique and original ways; this really is an exciting time for us all at The Body Shop. Forget the champagne, we’re fizzing with positivity!

Another objective of the in-store campaign is to let you know about  thinkpositive.org.au, a portal of positivity we hope will start a movement. Upload your messages, stories, images and videos – generate, share and spread positivity!

And on behalf of everyone at The Body Shop, here’s wishing you all a peaceful, prosperous and positive New Year!

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The Body Shop and Adidem Group


Australia Wide


26 December - January 20, 2013


We want to banish the pessimism and negativity creeping into Australian life. So we are starting 2013 as we mean to go on, with a positive mindset and a new zest for life. With a positive attitude we can achieve much more individually, in the community and for the country as a whole.

Support our quest for a happy and positive 2013 by visiting thinkpositive.org.au today!