Why We're Wood Positive

Making a positive impact on the environment

The Body Shop International already minimises packaging wherever it is practical to do so. But Wood Positive is about doing even more: going beyond the standard practices to make a real, positive difference.

Being Wood Positive means The Body Shop International will offset all the wood-based paper and pulp that goes into primary, secondary and transit packaging. This will be done through a mixture of planting and protecting trees. The Body Shop International will plant new high-conservation-value trees, and protect established trees, in areas threatened by clearance.

The Wood Positive initiative will see all products made from paper and card carry the Wood Positive logo, which represents the commitment of The Body Shop International of going that extra mile and making a positive impact on the environment.

This ongoing commitment will target biodiversity hotspots all over the world, such as the Ecuadorian Andes, and the highly endangered Atlantic Rainforest. In partnership with the World Land Trust, the Wood Positive initiative will work by selecting native tree species known for their positive impact on local biodiversity. Working to regenerate land back to its true form, fragile habitats will also be protected from logging – helping to protect the land for generations to come.

Visit The Body Shop International website for more details about the programme.