Success Stories

Living Your Dreams

Women from all different backgrounds, including busy mums, teachers, nurses, business professionals have joined our At Home community, only to find their inner entrepreneur and made a successful business for themselves. We find Consultants join for many different reasons. For some it is about flexibility and having more time to spend with their family, others it’s the extra income or financial freedom, and for some it’s the feeling of belonging to a network and being recognised for their achievements.

Becoming an Independent Consultant could provide you with the opportunity to reach your financial goals right from the start. Don’t just take it from us, hear what some of our consultants have to say:



Over 7 years ago I made a life changing decision, to build my own business. Learning to run my own business backed by an international brand with company support, training, resources and assistance was the best decision I ever made.

I always loved The Body Shop’s products and ethics, they always aligned to mine and over time I have built a strong and flexible business. I work with an inspirational team who motivate each other each and every day and the opportunity that I have to run my own business whilst making a positive difference in so many people’s lives is wonderful. Whilst it may sound frightening, it is not- there is so much support in this business that ensures you are never alone. If you have always dreamed about working for yourself and have a passion for people, our products and our values, just give it a go! With no strings attached, what is the worse that could happen.. you learn something new and spoil yourself with beautiful products!



Joining The Body Shop At Home has rewarded me with more than I ever imagined. Being a busy mum of 3 who grew up in the city and made the move to a small country town I was looking for something new. Something that would allow me to meet new people, get me out of the house but more important reward me for my efforts. What drives me the most in this business are the wonderful incentives and rewards that are offered to all Consultants; there is so much to strive for which makes me want to succeed. This business allows me to have fun, spoil others, make a difference to people’s lives around the world all whilst earning an income for me & my family and along the way I am continually rewarded for all my hard work. So far I have received free jewellery, an iPad, countless products and recently an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas! This is a company that recognises even the little people, it is not just about Leaders and top sellers. Give it a go: at the end of the day you will only have gained! 



I never knew about The Body Shop At Home until a friend hosted a party. I was unable to attend but did place and order which got me hooked. After 12 months of re-purchasing I decided to bite the bullet and join. The discounted products were my initial interest, but soon to follow was a complete lifestyle change.  I am so passionate about the values this business supports and I have always had a true passion in helping others. The influence my business has on my children however is the most important. They see me having fun while working; collaborating with people and charities to do more for others; managing my own time to be with my family; supporting Community Trade and having a voice to promote campaigns that will change their society for the better. The message that one person CAN make a difference is so important, to have them understand! As an Independent business owner with The Body Shop At Home, I have established a strong presence to be able to work with these charities and I continue to make a difference in all aspects of my life. I sell product with meaning, provide an income for my family, work with my fabulous team guiding them to build their confidence and self-belief. My passion for this business and all is provides grows each and every day!



Explaining my job in just one sentence:  I GET PAID TO PARTY!

To many (as it did to me when I started) I did not believe this could be true. Having attending a friends pamper and being captured by the beliefs and values of this company I decided to give it a go. It meant I could earn some extra income for my family as well as purchase discounted products for myself. As time went on, I became addicted—I was meeting more and more people and was feeling so great about myself as I pampered my hosts and customers to feel great about themselves. This was a new experience for me and the more I pampered people, the more money I earned and as I earned more money, the more incentives I was achieving which led to fantastic rewards from the company. I love that this business is flexible and works around ME; my full time job, my daughter and my life! I love that I am paid to make others feel great about themselves in such a fun environment and I love that we have never and will never test on animals. I love that we have community traded ingredients and products and that we help people in marginalised communities around the world. It is great to be part of a company that does good in the world. If there is one part of my story that sounds exciting to you, I urge you to try it out! Only good things can come from The Body Shop At Home!


VANESSA DODD Success Story