Success Stories

Living Your Dreams

Women from all different backgrounds, including busy mums, teachers, nurses, business professionals have joined our At Home community, only to find their inner entrepreneur and made a successful business for themselves. We find Consultants join for many different reasons. For some it is about flexibility and having more time to spend with their family, others it’s the extra income or financial freedom, and for some it’s the feeling of belonging to a network and being recognised for their achievements.

Becoming an Independent Consultant could provide you with the opportunity to reach your financial goals right from the start. Don’t just take it from us, hear what some of our consultants have to say:


From the day I found out that The Body Shop At Home™ existed, I knew I had to be a part of the business as I loved both the products and the values the brand is built on. In the beginning I was so nervous to get up and speak in front of people but with the support from my team, the company and through free training my confidence has grown immensely. Now, not only can I speak in front of a group of 500 + women but I found the confidence to share the business opportunity with others. I lead one of the largest organisations in the company and also hold the National Record for the most new recruits personally sponsored in one month. I have so many wonderful ‘things’ as a result of my business, my everyday reality is truly amazing. My goals and dreams are big, but they are about how many lives I can change for the better! I still consider myself so fortunate to have found this business, it’s a place where everyone can belong.



I absolutely love The Body Shop® products and the ethics behind this business and had been using the products since I was a teenager. When I attended a friends pamper the gorgeous host made it look so easy I thought to myself “Why not give it a go?!” I honestly had nothing to lose. Since joining the business it has exceeded my expectations and I have never looked back. I love the genuine lifelong friendships I have established with other team mates and leaders. I feel so honoured working for such an ethical company that believes in empowering and enriching people's lives. My job is extremely rewarding allowing me to pamper women & young girls with divine products whilst educating them how to feel and look good about themselves. I am personally driven by all the recognition that we receive with The Body Shop® and have gained so much confidence, self-esteem and belief in myself since joining. It honestly has changed my life in so many positive and amazing ways. I can't believe I get paid to party and enjoy the company of so many beautiful women.

LEE WATT Success Story


The flexibility of this business is truly life changing. Whilst I originally joined The Body Shop At Home spend some time out of the house, the business opportunity has offered me so much more. The personal development I have had has been outstanding, not only has my confidence grown, I earn an income which contributes to my family in many ways. My job works around me and my family. I have been able to attend school excursions, been able to stay home when the boys are sick, have been home every single school holidays. The flexibility of working when it suits you, you name your hours and you name your income as well. Have a big bill to pay? Book in some more work and you have it covered. Want to save for holiday, new car or home deposit? You can do that too. I also love spending time with other women, pampering is my girly time and we have a stack of fun and laugh. And my favourite part is rewarding my hosts with free shopping, it really is the best being able to give away so much for free.



I have found myself re-energised since joining The Body Shop At Home™. My job is to socialise with amazing new people, show them some amazing products and get paid doing it.

I decided to join The Body Shop At Home whilst I was studying, working part time and a mum to my 3 year old son. At this time I was looking for a flexible job that would allow me to earn an income whilst working around my lifestyle. Since joining, I have given up my part time job and have the flexibility to work about my son and personal study. Whilst flexibility and income are a bonus for me, the most positive change is my ability to now connect with so many more people. I have found myself re-energised and I am thrilled that to have a job which allows me to socialise with amazing new people and show them some amazing products, all whilst getting paid to do so.